Insurance can be tough to figure out, especially when you need it most

Insurance can be tough to figure out, especially when you need it most

Insurance is meant to provide a sense of security and peace of mind. Yet when the topic comes up we often feel quite the opposite: anxious, and maybe even secretly afraid. Navigating the world's largest health system can be exactly that: intimidating and confusing.

At Haven, we strive to make your insurance easy for you

We are here to make insurance easy-to-use for you no matter who you are. Whether you are healthy or sick, whether you receive your coverage from your work, the government, or buy it yourself.

find the right match


Your healthcare is unique to you. A profile is built for you once and we won't ask you "who you are" each and every time you want to access your healthcare.

take action on the go


Households rarely have just one insurance company serve all of their needs. We are the first platform to aggregate your insurance information so that you can see a holistic picture across your coverages.

find the right insurance


When you change your job, your home, or the type of insurance you buy, your profile will continue to work. You won't have to "start over" from square zero.

About Us

We are a small team founded in Washington, DC. We have past experience working with nearly half of the nation's top health insurers as well as several large hospital systems, medical device manufacturers, and non-profits. Despite our deep involvement in the healthcare system, we still struggled to use our personal insurance effectively-- hence we quit our jobs to build Haven!